Ex-Barca player advises club to sell De Jong amid Man Utd links

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Former Barcelona player Rivaldo spoke about the current situation at the Catalan club in an interview for 'Betfair'. He was in favour of the sale of Frenkie de Jong and compared his time at the club with the current situation.

1 month ago
Rivaldo, who is known for being one of the best foreigners in Barcelona's history, has once again reviewed the current situation of the Catalan team in an interview for 'Betfair'. The Brazilian made several controversial reflections after a season in which the Catalans have not obtained the results they had hoped for.
Rivaldo was in favour of selling Frenkie de Jong, who arrived as a big star and has consistently fallen short of expectations. Barcelona can sign a player equal to or better than him," he said.
"Although he is now in his fifth season at the club, his situation is based on the same scenario. The club need to move and bring in reinforcements. In his case, they can certainly sign players at the same level or even better than him," he claimed.
The forward left Barcelona in 2002 as a free agent to join AC Milan, at an age that would not now be considered high at his former club. "Nowadays they are signing players older than 36 or 37. In my day, when you were already 30, the club would start to consider selling you," he explained.
He also criticised the performance of a Lewandowski whom he still considers a good player: "Although Lewandowski has only been at the club for two seasons, Barcelona need titles and the fans want to see a stronger team than those two seasons. He's a great striker but he's of an age and that's an important factor."