"Ferran gets into ice water up to his neck every morning"

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Pedri Gonzalez has given an interview to the newspaper 'El País' in which he tells several interesting anecdotes from the Spanish national team training camp. The coach of 'la Roja' has trained him through videos to improve his performance and he, while taking these tasks with absolute seriousness on the field.

3 weeks ago
Two levels are driving Spain at this European Championship. One is formal. The other is that of group cohesion, which inevitably involves laughter. Pedri Gonzalez reflected this well in an interview with the newspaper 'El Pais' in which he offered several interesting statements. He went from his settlement in the midfield thanks to the instructions of Luis de la Fuente, to the ice baths that Ferran Torres gives himself every morning.
"Yes. One minute in ice water. He's been doing it for a year. He goes in every morning, before breakfast: ice water up to his neck and, before getting out, he dunks his head in it too. He got so heavy that he convinced me. And now I can't stop doing it. I've been doing it for three months now. It's good for my muscles, it wakes me up, it activates me. I recommend you try it," Pedri said.
Asked when was the last time he cried with laughter, he replied: "Twenty minutes ago. We were in the gym and a physio took a good blow and it was... Someone's falls, someone else's bad without the person hurting themselves, they make me laugh a lot. TikTok videos? Falls, a lot of little monkeys and food, especially chocolate. It sucks because I can't eat it. It's more than forbidden to me. They take everything away from me (laughs)".
On the subject of what he would say to his own 17-year-old version of himself, he said: "That he should enjoy the day-to-day and everything he does. It goes by very quickly when you think about it... For a footballer, the most important thing is to find what makes you good. At the beginning, for example, you don't have much idea about nutrition or what to do in a gym. But as you start to get experience, you find what works for you.