Football Stars in the Gaming Arena

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Many footballers spend a large part of their free time playing other sports, while others have video games as their main hobby and even broadcast some of their games on streams.

1 month ago
The popularity of video games and the streaming world is growing among teenagers. However, it is not only teenagers who spend part of their free time playing video games but also a large number of professional football players.
In fact, several football stars have even decided to share with their fans by streaming some quiet moments while playing video games.
In fact, recent research provided by a gaming VPN provider showcases numerous football stars who have decided to spend more intimate moments with their fans while streaming, either playing video games or chatting with them directly.
Undoubtedly one of the most famous footballers who spend some of his free time playing video games live is former Paris Saint-Germain player Neymar Jr, who considers himself a big fan of Counter-Strike and Fortnite. In addition, the Brazilian went viral on social media one day when he was live when he leaked Spurs striker Richarlison's phone number.
However, the Brazilian winger is not the only top player to have broadcast on a streaming platform while playing his favorite video games. For example, Liverpool star Diogo Jota even owns an e-sports team known as Luna Galaxy in partnership with Galaxy Racer. The Reds' Portuguese attacker considers himself a fan of Fifa - now rebranded as EA FC - and has occasionally gone live competing in Ultimate Team mode or playing Rocket League.
Former Arsenal player and Betis defender Hector Bellerin is also another of the elite footballers who has streamed while enjoying his love of video games. In the case of the Spanish full-back, he enjoys shooting games the most, particularly Call of Duty.
Porto centre-back and former Real Madrid player Pepe has also surprised football fans by streaming live on YouTube playing Destiny on PlayStation, showing a more personal side, unlike the tough Pepe we know on the pitch.
The world of video games is increasingly becoming more and more popular and is becoming highly connected to streaming, as a growing number of people are starting to enjoy playing their favorite games while being virtually in the company of their viewers.
Also, as the years go by, clubs have less strict policies on players making online content by playing video games, so it is possible that in the future, more players will be encouraged to hang up their boots and pick up the game console controller.