Fuming Laporta threw a canape tray in the VIP box after Granada draw

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'Catalunya Radio' claims that Barcelona president Joan Laporta was so angry after the draw between his side and Granada on Sunday night that he even threw some of the canapes trays from the VIP box where he was sitting into the air.

2 weeks ago
Barcelona added another disappointment to their 23-24 season with a draw against Granada on Sunday night at Montjuic. Club president Joan Laporta was so angry that he even threw some of the canapes trays that had been set out for the VIPs in the box where he watched Xavi Hernandez's team, as a result of their lack of defensive strength, resign themselves to a 3-3 draw against a relegation zone rival.
'Catalunya Radio' is the media outlet that brought to light the consequences of anger of the president, about whom 'Mundo Deportivo' qualifies that he was furious because of the insults he had been hearing from several spectators around him. In any case, it is difficult not to imagine that the sporting fate of the 'Cules' also played a key role in him losing his temper.
Perhaps this is the reason why he stayed longer than usual in the club's offices after the match. Helena Condis, from the 'COPE' channel, stayed on the air until after midnight when she saw that the Barcelona boss had not yet returned home, like his sporting director, Deco. In the end, as the coach told the press conference, the Spanish chief went down to talk to him as usual before leaving.
Following the draw against Granada, doubts are growing as to whether it is right to allow Xavi Hernandez to continue in charge of Barcelona for the remainder of the season. Real Madrid are already 10 points clear at the top of the table and the feelings are not the best ahead of the Champions League round of 16. With four months to go until the Xavi Hernandez leaves, the Catalan board is already working on possible replacements, but nothing is clear.