"God sees everything and probably injured the referee"

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Real Madrid's Toni Kroos spoke about the yellow card shown to him by Isidro Diaz de Mera Escuderos in La Liga clash against Sevilla. The German, on the 'Einfach mal Luppen' podcast that he runs with his brother, said that "God sees everything and probably injured the referee in the calf" for his improper cautioning.

1 month ago
Toni Kroos is a quiet guy. If you see him complain ostensibly in front of the referee, it is quite likely that he is right, as he does not usually protest when he sees sense in being cautioned. During La Liga game against Sevilla, he got into a heated argument with Isidro Diaz de Mera Escuderos after clashing with Loic Bade when he had turned around and stood up just so as not to disturb him.
Even so, the referee awarded a yellow card, a decision he commented on in the podcast he hosts with his brother Felix, 'Einfach mal Luppen'. "I think, for the whole first half, on every play that we were on the edge, we were given a foul against. Even on plays where there was nothing at all. What pissed me off so much about my yellow was that the referee was actually a metre away from the play," he said.

"That was crazy. Basically, I move away from the opponent. I see that he starts dribbling in his own area and I notice that he wants to clash with me. I even move away so he doesn't have too much contact with me, but he awarded for a foul. That was the icing on the cake. God sees everything and probably injured the referee's calf - he had to be replaced by his fourth official because of physical discomfort. There were 80,000 spectators and they were all desperate with his refereeing," he said.
It is not the first time Kroos has been this vocal on the pitch when he is cautioned. In a Copa del Rey game against Elche, he was shown the yellow card after passing by Tete Morente without even touching him, but, as the striker slipped and fell backwards, the referee understood that he had indeed tripped him. A few hours later, the German wrote on Twitter: "Yellow card. Of course.