Hair Transplantation in the Soccer World: Which Players Have Done It?

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Hair loss can affect anyone, regardless of gender and age. Soccer players are no exception. If you’re an avid fan, you’ve probably noticed that many soccer greats deal with thinning hair or baldness.

3 months ago
However, have you spotted those who have undergone significant transformations, suddenly sporting dense, flowing hair? They’ve probably had a hair transplant.
Hair transplantation is a growing trend among soccer players, which isn’t surprising. They’re constantly in the public eye, making them self-conscious. When hair loss comes into the picture, it can affect their confidence, impacting their performance in the field. No one wants that.
Let’s see which famous soccer players have had a hair transplant and where anyone can restore their natural hair.
Let’s see which famous soccer players have had a hair transplant and where anyone can restore their natural hair.
All soccer players who have had a hair loss treatment are too many to list here, but these are the most notable:
- Wayne Rooney
- David Silva
- Andros Townsend
- David Beckham
- Cristiano Ronaldo
- Rob Holding
- Harry Kane
- Wesley Sneijder
- Antonio Conte
- Xherdan Shaqiri
- Dietmar Hamann
- Jurgen Klopp
Although most players above are transparent about getting a hair transplant, saying they love the results, others aren’t open about it. Still, any keen observer can notice their transformations because it seems like they’ve turned back the hands of time.
Where can you do it, you may ask. Here’s one hair transplant clinic in Turkey to consider; it has been making waves worldwide.
Smile Hair Clinic is a prominent hair transplantation center in Istanbul, Turkey. Dr. Mehmet Erdoğan and Dr. Gökay Bilgin, its founders and lead hair transplant surgeons, have assembled a team of 100+ experienced specialists and performed 10,000+ successful hair transplant procedures.
Their innovative technology, high-quality care, and dedication to top-notch results have earned the clinic many accolades. The most notable include the Highest Quality Hair Transplantation Clinic and the Clinic of the Year at the 2022 Quality of Magazine’s Klass Awards.
The BBC also recognized these professionals’ work in its Healthcare Tourism Documentary series. Celebrities like Mike Majlak have also endorsed them, showcasing first-hand experiences in social media videos.
Here are several reasons Smile Hair Clinic should be on your list of candidates for a best-in-class hair transplant in Turkey.
The team focuses on thorough hair analysis and planning to devise personalized hair restoration treatments. They recommend the best hair transplantation technique according to a patient’s hairline, hair thickness, and preferences, providing valuable advice from a professional perspective.
The clinic’s most sought-after techniques include the DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) and sapphire FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). Each involves harvesting hair grafts from a donor area (with thick hair) and inserting them into the recipient area (with thinning hair or bald patches).
However, the former doesn’t include incisions and is ideal for higher density, while the latter offers more precision and covers more area. Each stimulates natural hair growth in about a year.
Another reason for choosing Smile Hair Clinic is its affordable prices, ranging from €2,390 (about $2,600) to €6,890 (approximately $7,500). A hair transplant in the US or the rest of Europe would set you back at least $12,000. Some European clinics even charge upward of $30,000.
However, that’s not a question of quality. Turkish clinics have lower prices because of a weaker currency and overall economy. Additionally, they don’t charge per graft.
The best part? Smile Hair Clinic hooks you up with an all-inclusive hair transplant package. It covers your surgery, hotel stay, airport-hotel-clinic transfers, post-op medications, aftercare hair products, and 12-month follow-ups.
Turkey is your best bet for a high-quality yet affordable hair transplant, much cheaper than in the US or the rest of Europe. We recommend scheduling a free consultation with Smile Hair Clinic to learn more about your options.