"I do it for the camera, for my ego" - Guardiola on his grilling of Jack Grealish

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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola was in the press room ahead of the clash with Aston Villa and had no hesitation in using sarcasm to refer to his grilling of Grealish after the goalless draw with Arsenal.

2 weeks ago
Pep Guardiola responded in sarcastic fashion to accusations that he was angry with Jack Grealish for giving a show on camera and claimed he does it for his ego and because he is "the most famous person in the team".
The Spanish gave the English winger some advice in an exaggerated manner on the pitch after last Sunday's 0-0 draw with Arsenal, earning criticism that this should be done in the dressing room and not in public.
"I do it for the cameras, for my ego. I'm the most famous person in the team. I don't recognise that I need the cameras to put my ego to sleep with incredible satisfaction," Guardiola said in a mocking tone.
"I always try to criticise the players and make them feel how bad they are. And especially when Erling scores three goals, the compliment has to be to me, not to them. That's why I used the cameras. My advice is next time don't film us and there won't be any problems," he added at a press conference on Monday ahead of the Aston Villa clash.