"I want to be champion more than anyone else, but let's value what we have"

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Diego Pablo Simeone spoke to the media after Atletico's 3-0 win over Getafe. He praised the team's work and recalled that they are competing against "monsters" like Real Madrid and Barcelona, so he asked them to take into account what they are achieving, even if there are seasons when they cannot win titles.

1 month ago
Atletico Madrid coach Diego Pablo Simeone said after mathematically qualifying for the Champions League with a 3-0 win over Getafe that he is the ‘first’ who wants to ‘emerge as champion’, but he also said he values the qualification for Europe's top tournament, which "is not easy at all".
"I've been working since I arrived here 12 years ago with a tremendous illusion to inflate the balloon in the best way, but there are times when we get punctured. We tried to fight with Real Madrid, who are 22 points clear of us, Barcelona, who are three points clear of us with a game in hand; we reached the semi-final of the Copa del Rey.... I'm the first one who wants to be champion, I have no doubt, it's not easy, but let's value what we have, because it's not easy," he said.
"I was taught that if you don't value what you do, others will never value it. I value very much what we are doing, the work of the players who do year after year to reach this important goal for everyone, for the growth of the club, so that better players can come. Then, of course, there are the other teams that are very good, such as Madrid, Barcelona, and now Girona...", he explained.
"We value the work without a doubt. It seems easy to look at it from where everyone wants to look at it, but it is not easy year after year to be there again," said the coach, who added that depending on the perspective it can be "debated" whether the season is "extraordinary, good or regular", while regretting the lack of "forcefulness" in some parts of the course, such as in the Copa del Rey against Athletic and in the Champions League semi-finals against Borussia Dortmund">Borussia Dortmund.