"I want Vinicius to see that those idiots do not represent Valencia fans"

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Valencia player Hugo Duro spoke to 'GOL Play' a few days before the game against Real Madrid and spoke about Vinicius' return to Mestalla. The striker said that he is looking forward to the game so that the Brazilian "can see that those idiots don't represent Valencia fans".

1 month ago
Vinicius returns to Mestalla, the place where last season he experienced an unfortunate racist episode at the hands of a few fans. The Brazilian will be in the spotlight, especially from Valencia fans, who have not forgotten that the Madrid player generalised an entire fan base.
Hugo Duro, one of the 'Ches' main strikers, spoke to 'GOL Play' three days before the game against Madrid and wanted to send this message to the 'Merengues' player: "I'm looking forward to Saturday so that Vinicius can see that those idiots, do not represent Valencia fans, nor Valencian society, nor anyone else".
"It's going to be a hostile environment for him, but on a footballing level. Let him suffer that pressure from Mestalla with all the respect in the world. I'm looking forward to them coming here, Vinicius and Madrid so that they can see that Valencia is a club that respects and that they have a bad time, but on a footballing level. I hope the game will be beautiful," added the striker.
Finally, the Valencia player, who even made his debut for Madrid's first team, ended his speech with the following words about what happened last year. "That three people made a mistake and showed disrespect, they shouldn't come back... the rest are exemplary fans," he concluded.