"I will continue my career where my body and my head ask me to"

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Real Sociedad player and Spain international Mikel Merino gave an interview to 'Sport' in which he talked about his possible next destination. The midfielder did not want to reveal anything, although he admitted that he will always go where his head and body ask him to go.

3 weeks ago
At 28, Mikel Merino is already a globetrotting footballer. The midfielder had spells with Dormtund and Newcastle at a young age and that brought him a lot of benefits. In an interview with 'Sport', the player talked about what his next step will be.
"Throughout my career I have always made it clear in every interview that I am an adventurer, that I don't know where football will take me and that I am willing to go on an adventure wherever it suits me. I did it when I went to Dortmund, to Newcastle, and when I came to Donosti on an adventure. You never know where football can take you, and I'm willing to continue my career wherever my heart and my head ask me to," he began.
Of course, he didn't rule out staying at Real Sociedad: "I'm not closed to staying there at all because if there's one thing I'm sure of and you have to be aware of what you have at home. I'm lucky to live where I live, to be surrounded by the people I'm close to, to have the team and my team-mates, who have also come here and are like family. I would never want to disrespect any of that".
Finally, Mikel Merino highlighted the importance of Real Sociedad in his career: "Real Sociedad have been fundamental for me. The first years of my career I learned the other steps of football, such as maturity or having a cool mind at the right moments. When I arrived at Real, I think it helped me to be an intense player, because I learnt what it meant to play in duels and win them. That's where Imanol helped me to understand the importance of tactics in football. To count players, to see where the superiority is, to understand their own offensive and defensive systems and to find their weak points".