Injury Update for Lionel Messi: When Will He Jump Back Into Play?

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A sports team is like a well-oiled machine. Each player has his or her position to keep the team strong during a game, but when one of those teammates is injured and not present for the upcoming games, it can throw things into disarray.

2 weeks ago
That’s what’s happening with Lionel Messi’s most recent injury earlier this month. The situation is “messy” to say the least!
How did Lionel Messi get injured? What is the impact of his injury on upcoming games? When will he be able to jump back into play to get Inter Miami back on track? Let’s kick off and find out!
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Messi was playing in the early portion of the second half (50th minute) of the CONCACAF Champions Cup with his team, Inter Miami CF against Nashville SC on March 13, 2024, when he sustained an injury to his hamstring. Just about a week earlier during a March 7th game, he was attempting to put less weight on his hamstrings while playing.
This wasn’t the first injury that Messi sustained this year. Back in February, he injured his groin which kept him from participating in a Hong Kong-based Inter Miami preseason match. Messi works hard and plays hard, and it’s crazy to believe that this is his second injury of 2024. Hopefully, this will be his last injury so that he does not miss any more games as one of them was almost canceled because of his absence.
The coach for Inter Miami, Gerardo Martino reported that the New York Red Bulls asked for their upcoming match to be postponed because both teams were missing key players. Naturally, Inter Miami was okay with this arrangement. Despite this verbal agreement, FIFA itself did not want the match to be postponed and therefore denied this request that the teams both agreed on.
Besides Lionel Messi not participating in the upcoming match against the New York Red Bulls, many of his other fellow teammates will also not be participating. Nico Freire recently experienced a hamstring injury like Messi and will not be joining the match. Frederico Redondo (midfielder), Drake Callender (goalkeeper), Shanyder Bordelin (forward), Diego Gomez (midfielder), David Ruiz (midfielder), and Israel Boatwright (defender) will also not be joining the game. Leo Campana recently had an adductor strain and was able to return to Inter Miami’s practice sessions on March 22nd.
Hence, the game between Inter Miami and the New York Red Bulls proceeded as planned on Saturday, March 23, 2024, at 2 pm. The Red Bulls stole the show and won 4-0 against Inter Miami. Lewis Morgan propelled the New York Red Bulls by scoring the winning goal for his team for the third time since the start of the season.
On March 30th, they will go against New York City FC at 7:30 pm. Then, on April 3rd, Inter Miami will face off with Monterrey for the Champions Cup at 8 pm. Three days afterward, they will go toe-to-toe with the Colorado Rapids at 7:30 pm. On April 10th, Inter Miami will play at Monterrey at 10:30 pm.