Inter, Juve and Milan in favour of reducing Serie A to 18 teams

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As reported by 'La Reppublica', Milan, Inter Milan and Juventus would be in favour of a reform of Serie A from 20 teams to 18. The main intention of this change is to make it more attractive, as well as to reduce the number of matches.

2 weeks ago
Serie A has a debate on the table. Italian football, despite Serie A being one of the five big leagues on the European continent, has lost strength and attractiveness, so the different teams are trying to find a solution.
The proposal on the table, as pointed out by 'La Reppublica', after the meeting of the president of the FIGC, Gabriele Gravina, is to reduce the number of teams from 20 to 18. This would be rejected by the lower-ranked teams.
However, according to the media, the three most powerful clubs in Serie A would give the go-ahead. We are talking about Milan, Inter and Juventus. In addition, they could be joined by other big clubs such as Napoli, Fiorentina, Roma and Lazio.
The main objective of this measure would be to increase the attractiveness of the competition, as well as to reduce the number of matches to be played. Among other things, to play less domestic competition and thus raise the level of competition in domestic competitions by one point. For the moment, everything is still up in the air.