"It's hard to see Xavi go, he brought me here and made my dream come true"

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FC Barcelona centre-back Andreas Christensen spoke to the media at the media day prior to 'El Clasico' and assured the media that he will continue as a Barca player next season: "I still have two years left on my contract and I'm happy". He also addressed the clash against Real Madrid, the Gundogan-Araujo mess and Xavi's departure at the end of the season.

4 weeks ago
Danish player Andreas Christensen spoke to the media during the media day prior to 'El Clasico' and affirmed that he will continue to play for FC Barcelona: "I have no doubt that I will be here next season. I still have two years left on my contract and I 'm happy.
Christensen was questioned about the controversy between Gundogan and Araujo: "There is nothing that can destroy the relationships that have been built in this dressing room.
He also praised the rapid development of his team-mate Pau Cubarsi: "I can only have good words for him. He took advantage of the opportunity from the very first moment. He joined the team very well. He helped us a lot. Not only him, but also Lamine and the other guys. Imagine how they helped us, they took us to another level. Everyone at the club is very impressed with their performance. They are very good players with the ball at their feet".
As for the new position in midfield that Xavi has found for himself, he said: "The adaptation was quick, I enjoy playing. Obviously, there are still many aspects I need to learn and improve. It wasn't difficult at all because I'm a defender and my role is mainly defensive, with the aim of providing a bit of balance and preventing counter-attacks, but obviously I consider myself a defender".
On the other hand, he spoke about the Catalan coach's departure at the end of the season: "It's hard for me. He brought me here, he made my dream come true. Obviously, I'd like him to stay, but I can't do anything but respect his decision and try to improve every day to help him win games.
Finally, he went on to analyse how Barca are approaching 'El Clasico'. The Dane assured that he is convinced that the team is "recovered in terms of spirit". In the same way, he thinks that the extra time against Manchester City "will not take its toll" on Real Madrid.