Joao Felix's brother backs him amidst criticism

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Joao Felix's brother, Hugo, has spoken out after criticism of the Atletico striker's EURO exit. He claims that many people are "annoyed" by the former Benfica man's success. "They are sad people who live off your failure and 90% of them have never touched a ball," he wrote on Instagram.

2 weeks ago
Hugo Felix has not been happy to read certain criticisms of his brother Joao and has written a few words in a post that is receiving a multitude of comments. "Brother, from a very young age you started to make a lot of people annoyed by your success...", begins the controversial message.
The Benfica II player describes Felix match against France as a "not so good" in Joao Felix's career. "All of Portugal depended on your penalty to go on in the competition. You had the attitude and the character to take responsibility. That was there for all to see," he added.
"In the middle of 2024, people are watching a national team match who can't get it out of their heads that a certain player plays for club X or that he was trained at club Y. And I believe that there are those who celebrated your missed penalty either because they resent your success or because they are sad and live off your failure," he added.
Furthermore, he believes that most of those who criticise Joao Felix don't know what he is talking about: "90% of those who criticise you have never touched a ball.
"No matter how good or bad you do, they will always find something to criticise and judge you for. When they have nothing to talk about, they make things up without really knowing what's going on in your life and questioning your work as a player and as a person," he continued.
Finally, he had some kind words for Joao Felix: "You are exceptional. I do not doubt that you will smile again in a big way. Those who criticised you will give you a standing ovation in the future. You are my greatest pride and I will always love you very much.