Lewandowski urges Barcelona to 'score more goals'

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Robert Lewandowski was self-critical. The striker recognises that the season is reaching a key moment and that they will have to "score more goals and win more games". He makes it clear that he is the first to improve.

1 month ago
Barcelona striker Robert Lewandowski admitted that both he and his teammates must score "more goals" to try to win games that will allow them to get back into the fight for La Liga and qualify for the quarter-finals of the Champions League.
The Poland international, who has scored 18 goals in the 35 games he has played in the four official competitions this season, assured that he is going through a good moment of form.
"I always want to play my best football. The other day I didn't score against Getafe. I played a very good game, but I didn't score. For me, as a striker, it's important to have games with goals and to win, although in the end it counts more how we go as a team and if we win," he said.
Although the No.9 was also somewhat critical of his performance when it comes to scoring goals: "At this moment, and I include myself, we need to score more goals and win more games. We are in a moment where we can not only win, but also play better. Now we have important games and I hope we can go from win to win".
"We are in a moment where winning can be very important for us as a team to gain confidence and move forward," he added.