Lukaku yet to score at Euro 2024 - 3 disallowed goals in 2 matches

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Romelu Lukaku has not started Euro 2024 with the best of luck, as in just two games he has had three goals disallowed in the tournament. In addition, he has not been successful in front of goal. He has a goalless record and has had plenty of chances to open his account, but either due to the good work of the opposing goalkeepers or his poor finishing, he has not been able to send the ball into the back of the net.

4 weeks ago
Belgium started the European Championship with a lot of doubts after their 1-0 defeat against Slovakia. This caused Tedesco to make up to four changes to his eleven against Romania on the second day of the group stage. But there was one player who, despite not having been at his best on his debut, was retained. This is none other than Romelu Lukaku.
The confidence in the Chelsea striker is total, as he is one of the key pillars of this generation that was so promising a few years ago. Against the Romanians, Lukaku proved his coach right and played a good game, although he was once again lacking something, a goal.
Romelu Lukaku has not been in good form in front of goal at this European Championship, as his personal tally remains at 0. He has had plenty of chances to open his account, but the opposing goalkeepers and his poor finishing have already denied him several goals, as well as the VAR, which has disallowed 3.
Against Slovakia, Lukaku had four chances to open his account, but missed them all. In addition, he had 2 goals disallowed by the VAR, one for offside and the other for a previous handball by Openda.
On the other hand, his role against Romania improved a lot, as he helped his team with an assist and was present in most Belgian attacks. Doku had a great ally in him. But once again the goddess of fortune turned her back on him and the VAR disallowed his third goal of the tournament. This time, because he was offside by a few millimetres.
The VAR is not being a good ally for Romelu. At the last Euro 2020 in 2021, Lukaku also had one of his goals disallowed in the group stage match against Finland. This, added to the three he has already scored in the current edition, has prevented the Antwerp player from becoming the second top scorer in the history of this tournament, behind only Cristiano Ronaldo.