Lunin 'understands' starting on the bench against Slovakia

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Ukraine's Andriy Lunin appeared in the mixed zone after his team's victory over Slovakia. The Real Madrid goalkeeper, who was a substitute and did not play a single minute, accepted his substitution and considered it was his fault.

4 weeks ago
Ukraine goalkeeper Andriy Lunin, who was benched in the 2-1 win over Slovakia, said on Friday after the game that he "perfectly" understood his substitution, took the "blame" for the situation and said that Serhiy Rebrov, his coach, did not "need" to explain it to him.
"I understand perfectly, it's completely my fault, but here we are a team, a group, we are not individuals, so what matters is the result of the team," said the Real Madrid goalkeeper after the match, which he experienced from the bench, after the two mistakes he made in the opening match against Romania, in the 3-0 defeat.
"I'm still working, ready as always. If it's my turn (to return to the starting line-up), I'm ready," added the Real Madrid goalkeeper, who said he had not received any explanation from his coach, but "it wouldn't be necessary", and that he was "a little nervous and a little worried" about the match because his team needed to "win" to maintain their chances of qualifying for the last 16.
"I really liked the team's game, aggressive, well organised...", continued Lunin, who also highlighted the support of thousands of compatriots in the stadium: "We always have an atmosphere and support from many people in any stadium in the world that is spectacular. It's wonderful to play like this".