Metz goalkeeper 'abandoned' his side with backheel howler

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Goalkeeper Alexandre Oukidja said he "abandoned" his team on Saturday after his attempted backheel hit Folarin Balogun and rolled into an open net as Monaco ran out 5-2 winners at Metz.

3 weeks ago
With 17th-placed Metz already trailing 3-0, Oukidja received a backpass from teammate Fali Cande in the 76th minute.
The experienced Algerian stopper had plenty of time to clear the ball, but he decided to try and shift the ball back to the defender on his left with a deft backheel.
Balogun sniffed his opportunity and charged in to pressure Oukidja, who inadvertently played his backheeled pass straight into the forward's outstretched leg and into the unguarded goal.
"I completely messed up," Oukidja said to 'Prime Video'. "This evening, I felt that I, personally, abandoned them (Metz). I own up completely to this mistake."