"My renewal? I always tell the truth and I haven't decided anything yet"

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Toni Kroos appeared before the media ahead of RB Leipzig-Real Madrid. The German midfielder didn't clear the air about his future, but he did say that he has not yet made a decision on whether or not he will renew his contract.

2 weeks ago
Real Madrid are in Germany and Toni Kroos spoke to the media on Monday ahead of the Champions League last-16 first leg clash against RB Leipzig.
Most of the questions revolved around his future. And the protagonist was direct: "I always tell the truth and I haven't decided anything yet. I'm thinking about what to do. I'm happy that a lot of people want me to play for another year. It's always better than the other way around, to be told to stop. I feel good, but I haven't made a decision yet.
Toni Kroos confessed the keys to such a long career: "The key is to be motivated. If you have the same desire to win things as you did 10 years ago, that's essential. If you don't, you don't make it to 34. I also try to take care of my body so that my physique doesn't give me problems. Things work well and it's better if they work out well. The most important thing is to be motivated and take care of your body.
Not content with that, the German player wants to go further and does not rule out the scenario of a return to the German national team: "In one question you have put together all the problems I have. I have to make decisions, but I haven't made them yet. It depends on how I feel, on my personal plans. I've always said I want to finish my career at the highest possible level. I'm enjoying it and it's going so well that it gives me time to make my decision. I'm also thinking about the possibility of returning to the national team, but as with the renewal, I don't know at the moment.