Raphinha fined for the same as Messi in 2020

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Ramon Fuentes reports in 'Mundo Deportivo' that Barcelona have received notification of a fine of 601 euros to Raphinha for taking off his shirt to celebrate his goal against Real Sociedad and showing a message of solidarity towards those affected by the floods in his native Brazil. The club will have to pay 350 in a situation identical to Leo Messi's tribute to Diego Armando Maradona in November 2020.

4 days ago
At the end of November 2020, due to the death of Diego Armando Maradona, Leo Messi took off his shirt after scoring a great goal against Osasuna because he was wearing underneath one with the '10' of his Newell's Old Boys reference as a tribute. La Liga fined him 601 euros and Barcelona 350 euros, which could not prevent Appeals from upholding the yellow card that the referee showed him for what happened.
On Monday night, Raphinha, after scoring from the penalty spot against Real Sociedad, did something similar, almost identical. To celebrate the winner for Xavi Hernandez's side, he wore an undershirt with a short text in support of those affected by the floods in his native country, which have even slowed down the domestic football championship. Referee Cuadra Fernandez cautioned him.
Ramon Fuentes, in 'Mundo Deportivo', reports that the club have already received the notification, the same as the one that arrived for the Argentinian and with the same amounts. There is little hope that the RFEF will prevent the 'Cules' from paying or remove the ban from the winger given the precedent with the current Inter Miami star, but there is one detail that could be fundamental: the report in the minutes.
The 'COPE' channel indicates that the RFEF can act if the referee has recorded, in writing, the solidarity intentions of a claim that involves taking off the shirt. Although, with Messi in 2020, his kind-hearted initiative was not so firmly defined, it does seem to have been more specified in the case of Raphinha, so perhaps there is a chance of avoiding punishment.
With Messi in 2020, it read: "In the 73rd minute, the player (10) Messi Cuccittini, Lionel Andres was cautioned for the following reason: for taking off his shirt, after scoring a goal, showing a new Newell's Old Boys team shirt, from the 93-94 season, with the number 10 on the back".
With Raphinha in 2024: "In the 90th minute, player (11) Raphael Dias Belloli was cautioned for the following reason: for removing his shirt in celebration of a goal. When he took it off, he was wearing another vest with the message 'Pray for RS' on a flag of the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul".