Rudiger gave his shirt to the policeman he scared in 'El Clasico'

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Antonio Rudiger once again pulled off another of his crazy stunts, and this time he did it in front of the police. The German, in the moments before going onto the pitch to warm up, decided to give a scare to one of the policemen who were standing at the exit of the Santiago Bernabeu's tunnel. After the match, the centre-back gave his shirt to the victim of his prank.

3 weeks ago
Not all of 'El Clasico' took place on the pitch. In the moments before taking to the pitch, with all the adrenaline in the body, one of the most curious images of the match between Real Madrid and Barcelona took place.
Antonio Rudiger, who is no longer suspected of anything, once again committed another of his crazy acts. On this occasion, the victim was not one of his teammates, but the German 'took advantage' of one of the policemen guarding the players' access to the pitch.
The Germany international defender, on his way to the pitch to warm up, scared the aforementioned agent. The aforementioned officer, who was not expecting Rudiger's gesture, took it with humour and it was all just another anecdote.
After the end of the match with Madrid's victory, Rudiger decided to compensate the policeman who was the victim of his joke and gave him his shirt as a present. The UIP (Police Intervention Units) published a photo on their social networks of the officer wearing the white No 22 shirt on which you can read: "It's not all going to be scares".