Trabzonspor 'passed' on playing the first few seconds in protest

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Trabzonspor players used the first seconds of the match against Konyaspor to protest against the sanctions imposed by the Turkish Football Federation after the altercations of their fans in the match against Fenerbahce.

2 weeks ago
Trabzonspor have been in the news in recent days. The brawl that some of their fans unleashed against Fenerbahce unfortunately put them in the spotlight. They have been in the spotlight ever since and, on Wednesday, their name resonated even louder.
First, the club was informed of the sanctions imposed by the Turkish Football Association for the serious incidents involving their fans, which will result, among other financial penalties, in six home matches without a home crowd. Shortly after learning of the resolution, the club exploded on social media, calling for the resignation of the current board.
But there was still more to come. A few hours later, Trabzonspor were playing at home to Konyaspor, a team that found themselves playing alone in the opening seconds of the game. After the referee's whistle, the visiting players stayed hugging each other in their own half while the home side passively circulated the ball in their own half.