"Turkey will be seen with more respect"

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Turkey coach Vincenzo Montella was proud despite the quarter-final exit and sees a successful future from which he himself hopes to reap the "fruits" of his labor.

2 weeks ago
Vincenzo Montella, Turkey's coach, said Saturday after the 2-1 Euro quarterfinal defeat to the Netherlands that his team will be viewed with more respect after this tournament and felt the country's soccer has a great future.
"Naturally we are disappointed. But people in Turkey love us and are proud of us. We believe that, after this tournament, Turkey will be seen with more respect," he said.
Montella was convinced that his team has a future as many of the players are young and, when asked about his continuity, he said he would like to reap the fruits of his labor.
"The team has to keep us happy, he is young and has a future. He has been happy to work with it and I would like to reap the fruits of my labour," he assured.
When asked if he sees himself in four years at the next European Championship, he pointed out that 'first we have to think about the next tournament, the Nations League and qualifying for the World Cup'.