Vinicius apologised to Brazil: "This time it's my fault"

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Days after Brazil's elimination from the Copa America, Vinicius has published a letter apologising for the suspension that prevented him from playing in the quarter-final against Uruguay.

1 week ago
The Brazilian national team were not favourites in this edition of the Copa America because they had not produced a good feeling during the tournament run-up. However, the 'Canarinha' always aspire to the maximum and that is what their country demanded of them.
The first draw against Costa Rica already showed those problems. Gradually, Vinicius began to appear, but the yellow card he picked up against Colombia deprived him of the chance to play in the quarter-finals against Uruguay. And Brazil went home.
Dorival Junior's team had to face that match against the Uruguayan team without their star player. It was a very tight match. It was decided in a penalty shoot-out, but the Brazilian team was knocked out. A scenario that not even Vinicius was able to taste, who this Tuesday has published a letter on his social networks to apologise to the fans.
"The Copa America is over and it is time to reflect and recover from the defeat. The feeling of frustration hits us again with the penalties. I missed the second yellow. I watched the elimination from the outside, but this time it's my fault. I apologise for that. I know how to listen to criticism and the harshest ones, believe me, are already coming from me," the Brazilian striker said.
But the striker is already looking beyond this Copa America: "Fortunately, the adventure with the national team has only just begun. Together with my teammates, I will have the opportunity to take the team to the place it deserves. We will be among the best again. I love you, we are in this together".