"Vinicius is a provocateur and a bit of a clown"

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Carlos Alberto Gomes 'Pintinho' gave an interview to 'Flashscore', where he railed against Vinicius. The former Sevilla and Cadiz player said that the Real Madrid player "is a provocateur and a bit of a clown".

4 weeks ago
Vinicius was the target of criticism from Carlos Alberto Gomes 'Pintinho' in an interview for 'Flashscore'. The Brazilian legend claimed that his compatriot's behaviour is not ideal: "He's a provocateur and a bit of a clown.
"I've been here for 44 years and I've never been called 'negro'. But what happens is that he, as he is a provocateur... Well, now he's a little better ... He's a bit of a clown, what he has to do is dedicate himself to playing football."
"I have been very critical of Vinicius. He is a player who left Flamengo, he came here and the people gave him all the support in the world," Pintinho said.
Carlos Alberto Gomes 'Pintinho' also threw a dart at Casemiro: "I don't like him at all. He recovers a lot of balls, but then doesn't know what to do with them. He should be out of Brazilian football.