"We don't empathise with the three or four people who insulted Vinicius"

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Valencia will host Madrid this weekend in a game in which much of the spotlight will be on Vinicius, who heard racist insults from an isolated group at the Mestalla in May last year. Baraja, coach 'che', spoke about it in an interview on 'El Larguero'.

1 month ago
Valencia face Real Madrid this weekend in a match that has plenty of sporting incentive to be interesting, but which will gain a bonus point in the press because of the controversy of the racist insults that certain fans have uttered towards Vinicius in the past. Even Netflix has taken an interest in the mess. Baraja, the 'che' coach, spoke to 'El Larguero' on 'SER' this week and looked much more relaxed ahead of the game.
"We all know in the end that three or four people did something that is not up to the standards we expect from Valencia fans. Their behaviour was inappropriate in every way. We don't empathise with them and Valencia acted swiftly in identifying them and banning them all for life," he reasoned about the case, which has been making headlines for almost a year now: it was in May 2023.
"The feeling is that it will be a sporting atmosphere, with a lot of tension, but that we, as a club and as fans, have the opportunity to show what we are, what we have been and what we are going to be," he said, more focused on the purely footballing side of things. "That last year was just an isolated downturn? I hope we can prove it. I hope that the game is competitive, that there is a certain competitiveness and rivalry, but that it doesn't go beyond that," he added.
"That's what I want because Valencia, historically, has always behaved very well. It has known how to respect not only race, but people throughout its history", he added. Asked again about the racist insults towards Vinicius, he insisted: "We don't empathise with what happened and we look to the future thinking that Saturday's game is an ideal moment to show what kind of fans we are and how we are going to behave".