"We know it's difficult, but we can win the treble again"

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Rodrigo Hernandez, an essential player for Pep Guardiola, said Manchester City are aiming to make history and win a second consecutive treble.

2 weeks ago
Rodrigo Hernandez is the pillar on which Pep Guardiola's game at Manchester City is built. When he has been out of action, the team has felt it and when he has returned, everything has changed again. An authoritative voice in the dressing room, he spoke of the team's feelings for a year in which they will be looking to win the treble for the second year in a row.
"We know how difficult it is to win the treble, but we can do it again. We are alive in all competitions. We beat Tottenham in the FA Cup, in one of those grounds where we never win. The Champions League is still far away, but we are there. The Premier League is still there and we are fighting. That's what we want, to be there in April and May for everything," the midfielder told the 'Daily Mail'.
Rodri was nonconformist despite having already achieved everything: "We need to find new goals. We can make history this year in the same way. The players really feel they want to do something that nobody has done before. That's the thing. The feeling when you win is great and you still have the team saying we can go further."
"You see Foden - how old is he? The new players are getting older and older, but you see the young players, how they play and they still have more football. Pep is excellent at finding a way to motivate you, he's very good at that and when you don't do well, he tells you. That's the first thing he doesn't allow," he clarified.
"My goal every year so far has been to improve, so it's something I want until the last day, until I retire. That would be in my head to be better every day," said Rodri.