Atleti fan arrested for insulting girl wearing Vinicius' shirt

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An Atletico Madrid fan insulted an eight-year-old girl just for wearing Vinicius' shirt before the 24 September match against Real Madrid at the Metropolitano. The fan who allegedly hurled insults at the girl in question has already been arrested.

1 month ago
The National Police have arrested an Atletico Madrid fan as the alleged perpetrator of racist insults and death threats against a minor for wearing a shirt of Real Madrid player Vinicius Jr. before the Madrid derby on 24 September.
It happened in the surrounding area of the Metropolitano stadium before the start of the match, when the arrested man approached the 8-year-old girl, who was in the arms of a relative and began to insult her and hit the arm of the person holding her on two occasions.
Several Atletico Madrid fans who observed the scene quickly intervened and prevented the attack from continuing, according to the Madrid Police Headquarters. In any case, the minor had to leave the scene accompanied by her relatives because she suffered a severe anxiety attack.
The officers then began an investigation in which video footage provided by a journalist who was at the scene and who filmed the scene played an important role. After viewing the images, they were able to determine where the man entered the stadium and were able to identify him.
On Wednesday, a tracking device was set up which culminated in his arrest as the alleged perpetrator of a hate crime and his subsequent transfer to the judicial authorities.