Ferran Torres celebrates his leap birthday

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Ferran Torres celebrated his 24th birthday on Thursday, although theoretically it was his sixth. The Barcelona footballer was born on 29 February 2000 and boasts the vital uniqueness of the leap year.

1 month ago
The origin of the leap year dates back to the time of Julius Caesar. The Roman dictator devised a reform of the calendar in which there would be three consecutive 365-day calendars and a fourth with 366 days. In 2024 it was time for the singularity of 29 February. Well, Ferran Torres was born on that day in 2000.
This curiosity marks the life of the Barcelona footballer, who blew out his 24 candles on Thursday. Although, theoretically, there are six.
Despite this, the law does not establish any criteria for those people who accumulate years on this day. In other words, he can celebrate his birthday between 28th February and 1st March every three laps of the sun.
Barcelona publicly congratulated the Spanish forward on social media before a new training session ahead of the La Liga meeting against Athletic Club. The 'Shark' is finalising his recovery process to return to the orders of manager Xavi Hernandez.