Gavi hits out at Spanish journalist to defend Barca teammate Cubarsi

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The programme 'Tiempo de Juego', on the 'COPE' channel, published an extract from their live broadcast of the La Liga match between Barcelona and Granada in which Paco Gonzalez appears criticising Pau Cubarsí for exaggerating a supposed stomp by Augusto Batalla inside the box. The journalist described the action of the youth player as "lamentable", to which Gavi responded in the comments box: "You're lamentable. Snap out of it, Paco".

2 weeks ago
Barcelona are going through an extremely delicate moment and Gavi, with a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament, cannot help to cope with it on the pitch. Even so, he is very present in every game of his teammates and also in what is happening on social networks. For example, he went to Montjuic with Vitor Roque and Joao Felix to attend a disappointing 3-3 draw against Granada on Sunday.
A few hours after the match, the programme 'Tiempo de Juego', on the 'COPE' channel, broadcast an extract from a section of their live broadcast of the event. Spanish journalist Paco Gonzalez is seen giving his opinion on an action in which Pau Cubarsi exaggerated a supposed foul by Augusto Batalla in the Andalusian side's box in an attempt to get the referee to award a penalty to his team.
Even so, the journalist described his attempt as "lamentable": "Lamentable Cubarsi. In the face, he doesn't touch him; he complains about his foot, he doesn't touch him down there either. With a theatre career at the age of 17. May his father catch him and tell him: 'Look, son, with the great career you have ahead of you, don't earn your fame as a diver...'". Meanwhile, his team-mate, with whom he shared a dressing-room at Barca's youth academy, defended him in the comments.
"You are lamentable. Snap out of it, Paco," Gavi wrote, which quickly went viral both on the social network on which the video was posted, Instagram, and on other social networks such as Twitter and TikTok. Hundreds of Barcelona fans replied to the youth international's brief message with praise or in support of his suggestion that Cubarsi is too young to be subjected to such harshness.