Sean Cox returned to Anfield and kissed Klopp's hand

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Liverpool released an emotional video on Monday afternoon in which Jurgen Klopp welcomed Sean Cox, the Reds fan who was assaulted by Roma ultras in the 2018 Champions League semi-final, to Anfield. The fan, who suffered serious neurological damage, was accompanied by his family and shared an endearing moment with the German coach.

3 weeks ago
There are football clubs that set an example for society, as in the case of Liverpool. Six years ago, the Reds made a great gesture to a fan, Sean Cox, who was savagely attacked by Roma ultras in the vicinity of Anfield, in the second leg of the 2017-18 Champions League semi-finals.
The England fan suffered serious bodily injuries and even had to remain in a coma for several weeks. The fan was eventually able to pull through, although he was left with neurological sequelae, which led the club to pay for part of his treatment.
A detail that should not be overlooked because he was on the brink of death. Liverpool were always there for him and he is very grateful. That is why the fan, who is from Dunbouyne (Ireland), tries to travel from his home country to Merseyside to watch a game.
Sean Cox was present at Anfield for the game against Brighton and had a very special meeting with Jurgen Klopp. The German manager greeted the fan as well as the members of the family. An unforgettable moment between the two and even more so when he kisses the German's hand.